8 Ways Being an Athlete Will Change Your Life

by Skye
8 Ways Being an Athlete Will Change Your Life

Life as an athlete is never boring. You’re constantly trying to find time to fit in a training session and making sure that your nutrition is on point. It’s not for everyone, but for those who are meant to live the lifestyle, it can bring about a lot of positive changes.

Here are a some examples:

Better time management

You work, train, go home, cook, eat, sleep. Most sports require 24-hour commitment and require more than training in the gym. Successful athletes need good time management skills in order to balance all tasks and priorities.

By becoming an athlete you’ll learn to effectively manage your time and cut out non-priority activities.

Learn to face your fears

Any competitive sport will weed out the weak and the lazy. When the bar on the squat rack is loaded with over 500 lbs, you need to be able to get over your fear of getting crushed under the bar and squat the damn thing.

If your opponent is the fastest and strongest person you’ve ever seen, it takes courage to step into the cage.

Become a go-getter

As an athlete, it’s essential to have a game plan especially when you want to take your performance to the next level. Athletes need to be able to plan how they’ll work on their weak points in the off-season and how to make weight during the season. How do you maintain performance when dieting down? How do you push through tough training sessions amidst working two jobs? Careful planning and execution are crucial in accomplishing goals.

Become more disciplined

All sports require an individual to be disciplined to some degree, but it’s taken to a whole new level if you’re a seasoned competitor. Saying “No!” to yourself requires discipline. Athletes need to train themselves to go to the gym even when they’re feeling lazy, say no to foods that don’t fit their macronutrients, and limit their alcohol intake.

Become better at other sports

Training to build muscle the right way will make individuals stronger, faster, more explosive, agile, and it’ll build their endurance. All of these attributes can be translated into most sports.

Well-rounded athletes will have a wider skill set which should give you a mechanical advantage over your opponent. For personal progress, it helps to broaden your skills to get over plateaus and expose potential weak points.

Reduces the risk of major diseases

Exercising and eating right will not only get you a body to be proud of, but will also reduce your risk of developing serious illnesses. Exercise has been proven to lower cortisol levels. High levels of cortisol can lower immune function, cause blood sugar imbalances, decrease muscle mass, increase abdominal fat, and many more issues which can lead to more serious diseases.

Fit clothes better

For the men, sleeves will fit snug around the arms and a thick back and chest will look good in a slim fit shirt. Just don’t forget about leg day so you don’t always have to hide your legs under a pair of jeans.

For the ladies, a lean set of legs and building your glutes will look flattering in any pair jeans or a dress.

Builds self-confidence

Proving yourself wrong is not only fulfilling, but it also gives you an incredible boost in self-confidence. The first time I walked into a gym, I started weak, clueless and intimidated by the equipment and the thought of exercising.

Working out and achieving your fitness goals can help build your self-confidence.

From being unsatisfied with how our bodies look, to dominating the platform, we can mold our bodies into something we can be proud of through hard work and determination. The feeling of setting goals for ourselves and achieving them will build mental toughness and self-assuredness that will carry over into all aspects of life.

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