Are You as Badass as You Think?

by Michael Saad
Are You as Badass as You Think?

We all know that one person who grunts obnoxiously as he quarter-reps on his squats. Or that one guy who screams and thumps his chest every time the bell rings. Or that one person who spends more time flexing in the mirror than actually doing work.

Hey, different strokes for different folks. If that’s what makes them feel good, then they are free to do what they want, but that doesn’t make them a badass.

Badasses – Who They Are

The real badasses are the ones who put in work every single day without feeling the need to tell the whole world about it. That’s because they don’t do it for attention.

There’s a difference between a narcissist who does things for validation, and a real, honest to goodness hard-worker with crazy dedication and discipline.

Which one are you?

Badasses – What They Do

They don’t settle. They don’t give excuses. And most of all, they never quit. They fail over and over again, but they keep coming back because that’s all they know.

The real badasses of this world are the ones who have failed so many times but have gotten stronger and more resilient each time because they come back swinging. Hardships build character and mental toughness.

Two qualities you won’t develop if you’re just faking it.

Badasses – How They Do It

Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. To be the best, you need to invest time, effort, money and opportunity. Practice makes perfect, and this is what champions know and understand.

They know that the extra hour of training will help them get better. They know that by opting to sleep in instead of partying all night will help their bodies recover more quickly. They know that a sports car is not entirely necessary and opt to save their money for other things instead.

Be wise about your spending because resources are limited. You may not have the flashiest car or the trendiest clothes, but nothing can take away your numbers, your work ethic and your drive. If you’re lucky, all of that and more will come later, but for now, be content to grind.

So are you as badass as you think you are?

You don’t have to answer that right now—or ever.

Maybe you’re just an aspiring badass, or a badass-in-training, if you will. Maybe you don’t care and disregard any and all labels.

That’s fine; you do you.

Whatever you decide, remember that there is always room for change. Strive for improvement in all aspects, and you will find that your work ethic in training will have a direct carryover in various aspects of your life as well.

When you work tirelessly to achieve your goals, you will learn to harness that determination and apply it elsewhere.

What to do now?

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