Crossfit: It’s Cheaper Than Therapy!

by Michael Saad
Crossfit: It’s Cheaper Than Therapy!

Maybe you’ve noticed how bitchy people can be about CrossFit. There’s something about it that brings out the zealot in people – and from the outside, all that heaving and sweating and burpee-ing and yes, vomiting, can look a little… nuts.

But there’s a reason new converts to CrossFit are about as vocal about their transformations as if they’d found the good Lord Jesus himself: That shit is powerful.

Chat to anyone who’s still alive after a good few boundary-smashing WODs and you’ll see that yes, CrossFit is a lifestyle. I also like to think of it as therapy too. Only, you know, it works.

CrossFit doesn’t care about your excuses

We live in a pansy world where if you wanna slack, you totally can. There are millions of feel-good self help gurus out there who will tell you what you want to hear. Oh, you have a slow metabolism? Sure, why not.

CrossFit doesn’t care though. It’s you, it’s the move, and if you want to be better, you need to drop the excuses – no way around it.

CrossFit teaches you to self-regulate – in a hurry

There’s one super quick way to know if you can do something: try it out yourself. CrossFit can be incredible for those of us stuck in our heads, talking about what we’ll do instead of just doing it. Injured? You learn to go slower. Too easy? You learn to push harder.

CrossFit gives you a community

Yeah, I know you only like your gym buddies because the endorphins are always pumping and they heard you fart that one time so you’re kind of friends now… but working out in a big rowdy group can be special.

It shows you that we’re all human, we’re all doing our damndest and that sometimes the thing that helps you break on through to the other side is the support of the guy next to you.

We live in a world where talk is cheap.

Except therapy talk, that’s really expensive. My suggestion? There’s nothing quite as right for your body, mind and soul as getting out there, getting physical, getting social and blasting through your barriers, one challenge at a time.

What to do now?

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