Keep it up, America, and You Won’t Have to Defund the Police

by Michael Saad

In the latest episode of Throw Every Cop Under the Bus for the Sake of Racial Equality, the Atlanta Police Department was called to a Wendy’s restaurant around 1030pm Friday night because a car was stopped in the drive-thru and people were having to drive around him. 

Upon arrival, officers noticed that the sole occupant of the car, Rayshard Brooks, was passed out while waiting in the drive-thru. After beating on his window to wake him up, they talked with him and administered a field sobriety test that he failed.

NOTE: In Georgia, and in most every other state, it doesn’t matter that the car is not moving. Even if the car is turned off and the keys are in the back seat, the person in control of the vehicle can still be charged with driving under the influence. The reasoning is that even though the car is not operable at that time, it could be. That’s always been the law.

After satisfying their suspicions that it was probable for Brooks to be under the influence, they attempted to arrest him. The guy fought back and Officer Devin Bronsan deployed his taser. Brooks grabbed the taser and ran off with it.

Officer Garrett Rolfe gave chase.

Typically, this should have ended with Rolfe tackling Brooks a short distance away; but with usual celebrity, political and media whores calling for the death of all cops – that’s not how this ended.

While fighting with the officers, because of the close proximity, Brosnan looks like he attempts to drive stun Brooks with the Taser (making contact with the end of the Taser to shock Brooks by causing pain compliance without incapacitation and not deploying the projectiles), but Brooks grabs Brosnan’s Taser instead.

Intoxicated Brooks even being aware that it was a taser and not a gun is anybody’s guess.

After standing, Brooks punches Rolfe and tries to run away. Rolfe gets up and fires his Taser, apparently striking Brooks but with Brooks’ momentum, the shock doesn’t work.

After a few feet, Rolfe switches his Taser to his left hand and starts to draw his firearm, dropping his taser once the weapon cleared his holster. Without stopping, Brooks twists around and fires the Taser at Rolfe.

Rolfe fires his weapon 3 times at Brooks, who falls to the ground.

Brooks was transported to a local hospital where he died after surgery.  One officer was treated for an injury sustained during the incident and was subsequently discharged from the hospital. 

In a normal year, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation would be brought in to investigate and that would be it. However, because this is 2020, the Wendy’s was burnt to the ground, the shooting officer was basically fired immediately, the other officer was put on desk assignment and the Atlanta Police Chief resigned.

Following the resignation of Chief Erika Shields, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms named black nationalist Rodney Bryant interim police chief of the Atlanta Police Department.

In a clear case of racial pandering on the part of the City of Atlanta, the new interim chief, who served as a Sergeant-at-Arms to the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), has most recently been in charge of the city’s 226 employee detention center and is now responsible for supervising a department of 1770 officers and 223 unsworn personnel.

Law enforcement executives, like so many other positions of authority such as Congress, should not participate in fraternity organizations that are clearly designed to promote and exclude specific races.

They must deal with many different races as part of their occupation and joining a fraternity that promotes segregation creates mental and perceptive conflict and sends the wrong message to their subordinates and the communities they serve.

Was the Officer-Involved Shooting Legal?

Well, that depends on who you ask.

Chief Shields resigned because of it, Mayor Bottoms pushed for immediate termination before any due process could even be started, Stacey Abrams condemned the shooting and locals burned down Wendy’s for calling the police in the first place.

I didn’t mention the mainstream media because, well, I shouldn’t have to at this point.

He is a cop, so therefore he should burn like Wendy’s.

While there may be a debate as to whether this was an appropriate use of deadly force, I firmly believe that there is a clear distinction between what you can do and what you should do. I do not believe that this was a justified use of deadly force and have called for the immediate termination of the officer.

Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta Mayor

Atlanta Police Use of Force Policy

According to the Atlanta Police Department’s standard operating procedure policy manual, which appeared to have been updated on June 7, 2020, officers are only supposed to use force in certain situations, including:

Employees will only use that force, which is reasonable and necessary to affect an arrest, prevent an escape, necessarily restrict the movement of a prisoner, defend the officer or another from physical assault, or to accomplish other lawful objectives.


The policy also states that neck restraints or carotid artery holds are not taught and are not approved for use by the department due to the potential for serious injury or death.

After 3 weeks of decrying the use of chokeholds, seeing the video makes me wonder if they’ll try to say the officer was using one in this case, even though you can clearly see both officers were using restraint because of what’s been happening around the country.

However, those familiar with actually putting hands on someone would know the difference between choking someone for “restraint” and having your arm around someone’s neck in the heat of the moment to gain the necessary momentum to win a fight.

This officer did not place the Brooks in a chokehold.

When can deadly force be used?

The manual states an employee may only use deadly force when:

  1. He or she reasonably believes that the suspect possesses a deadly weapon or any object, device, or instrument which, when used offensively against a person, is likely to or actually does result in serious bodily injury and when he or she reasonably believes that the suspect poses an immediate threat of serious bodily injury to the officer or others; or
  2. When there is probable cause to believe that the suspect has committed a crime involving the infliction or threatened infliction of serious physical harm (O.C.G.A. Section 17-4-20) and the employee reasonably believes that the suspect’s escape would create a continuing danger of serious physical harm to any person.

Officer Rolfe had a Taser issued, so it seems likely that he would have been required to be certified to carry it. During the certification, the officer being certified must experience the shock.

This can be done in two different ways, with the most common way of attaching the prongs to the officer’s body and activating the charge. The way I was certified, was they shot me with the damn Taser and had to pull the prongs out of my body.

Rolfe knew the Taser would incapacitate him long enough to lose his weapon and his life to Brooks so the totality of the circumstances created a deadly weapon in the form of the non-deadly Taser.

But, a Taser is now “considered” a deadly weapon in Atlanta

On May 30 of this year, Atlanta Police were arresting Chancellor Meyers when Messiah Young decided to stop in the road to video and observe his friend being taken into custody.

Young was repeatedly given lawful orders to move along while he was blocking traffic. 

Young’s attorney, Mawuli Davis, would later say that he believes the officer’s motivation was to keep his client from videoing what’s going on.

Each officer had body cams on (7 videos were released), so that’s just a smoke show from a lawyer trying to justify his clients’ criminal behavior and squeeze a little more money out of the inevitable lawsuits that will come, because all cops are dirty.

The Atlanta PD 6

The officers gave Young several opportunities and, if Young wanted to stay, all he had to do was pull his car into one of the many parking lots nearby. That’s it. One of the officers told Young at least THREE times that if he doesn’t leave he would go to jail, but Young stayed parked in the road.

Even though the media and the Mayor made it seem like the two innocent children were just sitting in their car, they were actually breaking the law.

When Young failed to move, he clearly violated O.C.G.A. § 40-6-2, at the very least.

Obedience to authorized persons directing traffic

No person shall fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order or direction of any law enforcement officer or firefighter, nonsworn employee or volunteer authorized under Code Section 35-1-11, or individual designated under Code Section 20-2-1131 with the authority to direct, control, or regulate traffic.

When the officer was finally tired of repeating himself, he quickly opened Young’s door to deliver on the 3 chances he gave Young about going to jail if he didn’t stop blocking the roadway.

Granted, unless the officer saw something I didn’t (like Young pulling a weapon) I disagree with that part. There are so many other ways he could have handled that, but that doesn’t make Young the innocent party in what happens next.

Who, Me?

The passenger, Pilgram, was ordered several times to get out of the vehicle, but she kept stalling and the driver Young still had his vehicle in drive. They both were arrogant, irresponsible and got exactly what they deserved.

You can’t just go around doing whatever you want, ignoring whoever you want, with no consequences. The most common sucker punch technique (or ambush shooting) is to play stupid long enough to attack.

That’s what the two children looked like on the video.

Young and Pilgram weren’t “terrified” while they were disobeying the officers and trying to evade them, like was suggested by District Attorney Paul Howard in his June 2 media circus press conference.

They only became terrified once they realized that the officers had the audacity to hold them accountable for their actions and inactions – which is the epitome of our current society.

In that same press conference, Howard said that a taser is considered a deadly weapon, under Georgia law, which is utter bullshit – but the fact the District Attorney said that within the past couple of weeks, no doubt caused Officer Rolfe to react out of instinct to defend against a “deadly weapon” when Brooks shot him with it.

NOTE: The Georgia Supreme Court has recognized that stun guns and Tasers may be considered offensive weapons that are likely to result in serious bodily injury, depending on how they’re used (Harwell v. State, 512 S.E.2d 892 (Ga. Sup. Ct. 1999)), but that would not generally be applicable to police officers acting in the line of duty.

During the presser, Howard also said one of the things they were able to conclude from the video was the officers told Young to “go, or go to jail”. 

And when they said go or go to jail, he then left. And he proceeded down the street, but shortly after that, the police caught up with him

However, that is not what the video shows:

After telling the driver 3 times to leave or he was going to jail over the span of a minute, the officer opened the door to extract Young.

Young then drove off with the door open, which could have been dangerous for the officer if his duty belt got stuck in the car frame like has happened in the past to other officers.

After driving away, Young could only go about 50 yards because of traffic. Thats when officers re-approached the vehicle for the flagrant violations that occurred at the original scene.

When the police tell you to stop or activate their lights telling you to stop, and you don’t – that’s not children just acting out and that’s not children being scared. That is attempting to allude. You just can’t go around doing what you want with no concern for authority – no matter how you feel about police and no matter how you feel about yourself.

Rushed Criminal Charges for Political Gain

All 6 officers have been criminally charged, even though only 4 of the officers were terminated from the Atlanta PD. Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard (the same office that is prosecuting Officer Rolfe for the Brooks shooting) described it as a “vicious act” and charged officers with aggravated assault.

One of the officers not terminated, but criminal charged by DA, is the lone white officer in this case, Roland Claud. Claud was charged with using a punch to knock the window out of a vehicle where the driver was refusing to obey after another officer tried unsuccessfully of breaking with his expandable baton.

In fact, the officers that tased Young and Pilgram are charged, specifically, with intentionally and without justification used a deadly weapon, a Taser”. The officer that simply pointed a taser at them is charged with the same crime of Aggravated assault, but his complaint says he “pointed a deadly weapon, a Taser, at Tanniyah Pilgrim”.

Some officers were also charged with “intentionally and without justification pointed or aimed, a handgun” at Young, despite Young being extremely non-compliant and, when exiting the vehicle, keeping his hands in his pockets. This charge alone will cause the unnecessary death of at least one officer in the next year.

After numerous times of disobeying the officer, they needed to take action. Mayor Bottoms, and the rest of the country, have conveniently forgotten that disobeying the law comes with consequences.

If a police department or city lets people run rampant, then you have what we have now in Seattle with the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone; which seems to be what Mayor Bottoms really wants: a police department, just for show (and State & Federal grant money), but not actually doing anything.

Due Process: Not in Atlanta

It was a clear political move by Mayor Bottoms to fire these officers before a thorough investigation was done, but an even more egregious act by District Attorney to choose to charge the officers.

Chief Shields claims the decision to terminate was made because the officers on scene gave conflicting instructions, did not give the students a chance to respond, created chaos and escalated a low-level encounter into a space where officers introduced violence.

That’s just an excuse.

They say probable cause is all in the tip of the pen. A Chief can view things how he/she wants to view them based on her political stance, home problems and current tension in the community. The officers gave command presence and verbal instructions before using physical force.

Luckily, at least 2 of the officers are fighting back and have filed a lawsuit against the city, naming Chief Shields and Mayor Bottoms. The others will hopefully jump in as well.

But, Brooks was shot in the back!

An autopsy conducted by the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office showed that Brooks died from blood loss and organ injuries caused by “two gunshot wounds to the back”, an investigator for the medical examiner said in a statement on Sunday.

Research conducted by the Force Science Institute found that an officer’s defensive reaction is almost invariably slower than a suspect’s life-threatening action, so much so that a suspect presenting a face-to-face threat can legitimately end up being shot in the back because of this reactionary lag.

In the 2006 article “An Examination of Police Officer Mental Chronometry”, Doctors Jeffrey Bumgarner, Bill Lewinski, and Bill Hudson conclude that police officers cannot be expected to defy biological and physical laws as they perform their duties.

To require…flawless reaction of police officers in the field is to ask the impossible. And to send officers to prison when they fail to do the impossible is a most grievous injustice.

According to the Force Science study on perception-reaction times, it is entirely possible an officer perceives the subject as a threat when the subject is facing the officer—and by the time the reactionary trigger pull occurs, the subject is facing away. 

Clap Test: You have 2 people standing face to face with their hands up ready to clap. One of them closes their eyes and is expected to clap at the exact time the other claps.

The claps will never be at the same time.


Action will always quicker than reaction.

It is also entirely possible an officer can not stop an already-initiated action sequence quickly enough upon perceiving an action indicative of threat cessation (e.g., the subject turning away) or, in this case, Brooks having already fired the Taser and Rolfe being unable to stop, mid-motion, the reaction he had already begun.

Brooks was on parole

Friday night, Brooks was on parole.

Even drunk, he knew that if he was arrested for DUI he would certainly be violated, again, like he was in 2016 when he was sent back to jail for credit card fraud, while on parole.

It appears that he was released in early 2020.

According to the Georgia Department of Corrections and Clayton County Court, Brooks has an extensive criminal history that includes weapon possession, drugs, theft, cruelty to children, assault, false imprisonment and obstructing officers.

District Attorney Howard’s less than stellar record

The political grandstanding in the Atlanta PD 6 Taser case is just one example of Howard’s attempt to elevate his profile at the most inopportune times.

Howard is an incredibly eloquent, but highly incompetent prosecutor. In fact, a CNN legal analyst once compared Howard to the bumbling Inspector Clouseau from “The Pink Panther” to describe his inept mishandling of the Ray Lewis murder case in 2000.

If they ever write a book listing the most inept prosecutions ever, this one will be highlighted as the standard by which all others are to be measured.

Roger Cossack, CNN

Howard took the high profile case for political points, despite having been out of the courtroom for over 4 years. He exaggerated his evidence to the jury and made several promises he couldn’t keep.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

In December 2019, an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint was filed against Howard by his former human resources director, accusing him of inappropriate comments and unwelcome physical contact, by grabbing her butt. According to the former HR director, she was demoted and reassigned to another county agency in retaliation when she refused his advances.

Earlier this year, another EEOC complaint was filed against Howard for sexual harassment and discrimination by a former paralegal, whom the married prosecutor had a consensual sexual relationship since 2004, up until last year.  She was fired in June 2019, when she was arrested for assault while carrying a handgun. She was fired the same day she was arrested, without due process or reassignment pending the investigation.

In February of this year, former deputy chief of staff filed a federal lawsuit against Howard claiming discrimination against her once she announced her pregnancy. On July 1, 2019; she presented Howard with paperwork confirming her high-risk pregnancy. Only July 15, Howard asked for her resignation.

Two weeks later, she was fired.

Ethics Violations

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is also investigating Howard funneling at least $170,000 in City of Atlanta funds through a nonprofit to “supplement” his $175,000 yearly salary. 

The state ethics commission also accuses Howard of 12 violations.

Tough on cops, not so much criminals

To want to be “tough” on crime, as these past charges indicate, Howard consented to a signature bond for a suspect who exchanged gunfire with Atlanta SWAT Team last year. 

The Atlanta Police Department is fully aware that District Attorney Howard is a cop-hating political relic of the past that aggressively prosecutes officers while being lenient on criminals. 

In fact, some police officers are rumored to have overheard defendants say that they go to Fulton County to commit crimes because they won’t have to serve the time, according to Ken Allen of the Atlanta Police Union.

Howard is up for re-election this year, and the primary was a week after he rushed the improper charges against the 6 Atlanta officers. A runoff is set for August 11, 2020, against Fani Willis who received 67,825 of the votes compared to Howard receiving 55,740 in the primary.

Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard is just one example of what’s wrong with today’s law enforcement and what’s wrong with today’s society. People want to throw blame at everyone, except the person in the mirror.

Going after perceived corruption that you inflate for political gain, is a lot different than burying actual corrupt police officers because it’s the right thing to do.

The Real Problem Facing America

Does racism exist? Absolutely.

If you are out actively looking for it, you will find it.

It takes a miserable person to do that.

Every cop killing of an unarmed person (all 28 black and 51 white in 2019, in a population of 328 million) was not because of race and I still have not seen anything that would lead a person of reasonable sensibilities to believe that George Floyd or Rayshard Brooks was killed because they were black.

Yet, you have racial instigators, political whores and the big media cartel insisting that there is systemic racism all over the country, offering nothing but rhetoric and loud noises to quantify their claims.

  • Assault a cop? Oh. He beat you because you’re oppressed and he is racist.
  • Sell drugs? Oh. You were only arrested because our people are oppressed and the cop was a racist.
  • Got pulled over for doing 75 in a 40? Oh. Cop only stopped you because he was a racist.
  • Got a ticket for reckless driving? Cop was a white supremacist.

Where does it end?

  • Don’t like a movie? It’s because it sucked, not because people are racist.
  • Don’t like an actor in that movie? It’s because he’s a poor actor that “acts” like he’s reading, not because people are racist.
  • Didn’t vote for a candidate? Its because the candidate sucked, not because people are racist.
  • Are voter ID laws racist because lawmakers think black people are too stupid to get an ID, or is it because the voters they want – aren’t legally allowed to vote and have no legal documentation?
  • Are seatbelt laws racist because dividers think that only black people won’t wear seat belts, or is it because those media whores just need something to get on tv with?
  • Are pant sagging laws racist because the activists think that only black people don’t know how to pull their pants up, or is it because race agitators just need something to complain about?

Anti-Police Sentiment

Some of the most poorly run cities in America are trying to justify police defunding on the low crime rates but, make no mistake, crime has fallen because of our police, not in spite of them.

Criminal laws are not made to punish black people, or really any person for that matter.

Laws are made to discourage behavior that society has deemed unlawful and unwanted. When a police department is proactive, crime will usually go down because people are afraid of being arrested. When you cut a police department, the only reason crime will go down is because it’s not reported.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

It’s much more than the “budget cuts” that happen every year. It’s corrupt politicians wanting to create the kind of lawless eutopia all criminals dream of.

It’s also weak leaders bending their knee to the mob in the hopes that they can suck just a little more out of the positions they hold after they’ve already run their cities into the ground for decades.

Below is a list of the 16 major cities that have expressed their intent on defunding, divesting or disbanding their police departments.

If you have a city with a population of 100,000, and 20,000 are vocal in wanting the police department defunded, but the other 80,000 doesn’t say a word – you might as well have 100,000 that want the police department defunded.

Silence is consent, remember?

Mental oppression is not systemic oppression

When I was a police officer and got a BOLO Alert (be on the lookout) of a specific car, such as a green Toyota, I would see a green Toyota every damn 3 minutes.

Personal accountability doesn’t exist

Instead of blasting the police every chance you get, try following the law. Instead of claiming systemic racism within every police department, become a police officer and make a change within. Instead of always looking for ways that you are oppressed, rise up and look for ways you can succeed.

Black people have been conditioned to always see a green Toyota everywhere they look. An entire race of people has been conditioned to think they are subservient to all others.

Everything that happens to you, couldn’t be your fault.

Black leaders are oppressing black America

There will always be people looking for that green Toyota, because of people like racial divider and questionable activist, Shawn King. Even going so far as to compare the Brooks shooting and the below, which was clearly not the same officer, and just being plain tone-deaf ignorant as usual.

Everybody has different thresholds and reactions to different situations.

There will always be people looking for that green Toyota, because of veteran racial divider Al Sharpton, who can keep a straight face while talking about white privilege and black oppression, then get on a private jet so he doesn’t have to travel with commoners.

There will always be people looking for that green Toyota, because of racial divider and failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams who, after losing the state-wide election, claimed it was because of the color of her skin. It wasn’t because she is a terrible leader, an inadequate candidate and a horrible person who only sees things in one racial dimension, blaming all her failures on racists.

Stop equating your inequalities, your struggles and your problems to a racist society. Everything bad doesn’t always happen to you just because you are black. When you do that, you degrade what’s left of the actual meaning of racism.

Stop looking for the green Toyota.

Weak Leadership

The lack of leadership and excessive ignorance is what will burn the City of Atlanta.

Since 2013, six unarmed black people have been killed by Atlanta Police.

Six. In seven years.

In a city that’s at least 54% black and with a department that’s at least 58% black. Yet, you still want to cry that the police are “hunting black people” like redneck serial killers.

Unarmed black male/female killings by Atlanta police officers 2013-2019.
Source: Mapping Police Violence

Atlanta Police does not have a rogue police officer problem. Atlanta Police has an absurd and one-sided leadership problem in Keisha Lance-Bottoms. She has failed the department numerous times, throwing officers under the bus to elevate her political standing and run Atlanta public safety in the ground.

What’s the point of a citizens’ review board and internal affairs if they keep being undermined every step of the way from politicians that want to railroad justice in the name of votes?

Does she really want to destroy the city she was entrusted with? The excessive pandering would lead one to believe she either is intent on destroying the city from within or just the police department.

Atlanta has a history of rushing cases for political points like the Joe Lewis case, where officials pushed for arrests, just as they did to find a suspect in the Centennial Olympic Park bombing during the Olympic Games, just as they did in the Atlanta PD 6 and just as they did in the Rayshard Brooks case.

So, now the City of Atlanta has officers that will forever be hesitant in anything they do and its only a matter of time before another cop is murdered because they hesitate from lack of confidence in the administration.

Your usefulness has expired

The message Mayor Bottoms has sent to her department is clear, as is the message sent to all law enforcement around the country. Your life, as a police officer, is not valuable.

If you use a Taser on a resisting suspect, it can be considered a deadly weapon; but if you use deadly force protecting yourself from that “deadly weapon” on you, it can be considered murder. No due process. No rights. No “innocent until proven guilty”, just straight under the bus you go.

Talk about “conflicting instructions”.

In the latest push, another black nationalist and former police chief of Dekalb County Georgia, Cedric Alexander, who served as the national president to the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE), spoke out against the officer.

Alexander even suggests they should have called Brooks an Uber or drove him home; but Atlanta ain’t Mayberry, not yet anyway, and those officers probably would have been fired for just doing that.

A person shouldn’t be relieved from the consequences of their actions because of the color of their skin like Alexander had the audacity to suggest:

And people will ask the question, had he been white and pulled onto the side of the road to take a nap and sleep it off, would they have given him a ride home?

First, Brooks didn’t pull onto the side of the road. He fell asleep while waiting in line at Wendy’s drive-thru. But since when have facts ever mattered to someone with an agenda?

Of course, Alexander phrased it as “people will wonder” but looking at his record and talking with his former officers, colleagues and students, that’s just an unnecessary deflection at this point.

It’s not just Atlanta

Officers around the country are being demonized, demoralized and outright turned against by their leadership for a few votes and political pandering. From the NYPD – from Chief Monahan up to Governor Cuomo undermining and destroying a 175-year-old law enforcement institution in 7-days – to the LAPD, most major cities are failing their departments by kneeling to the mob mentality… figuratively and literally.

And then you have a complete imbecile ex-Vice President running for President of the United States that has his own Uber moment to tell people that cops “outta shoot people in the leg” when he really has no clue what he’s talking about.

It’s not even that Biden actually believes that – I’m not sure he knows what he believes at this point. He was just trying to pander to his perceived base, hitting them with emotional triggers that will get them to vote for him.

They have all clearly chosen their side. Maybe it’s time for the men and women of law enforcement to give them what they want, before you are next.


What to do now?

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