When You Don’t Have to Listen to Your Personal Trainer

by Michael Saad
When to Not Listen to Your Personal Trainer

You shouldn’t just pick any old random to be your personal trainer. The best personal trainer is one you get along with. One that you actually like being around. Aside from that, a personal trainer will, ideally, have more knowledge than you when it comes to the job at hand.

A “personal trainer” can be anyone from an expert with a master’s degree in physiotherapy, a black belt and a decade in sports training to a 19-year-old who did a weekend course and who just happens to have great pecs.

But most people don’t really know the difference.

At the risk of pissing some people off – I’m going to go ahead and say that no, you don’t always have to listen to your personal trainer, and here’s when:

If your personal trainer just suggests the same thing he suggests for all his clients

“Vanity trainers” wear cool looking shirts and waltz around the gym floor like celebrities or something. If you’re not very serious about things, and they’re also not that serious, you’ll end up doing a lot of lame and pointless stuff like lunges, crunches and sitting on the rowers for 20 minutes. It won’t kill you, but generic routines like this may not be targeting your specific fitness goals either.

If you have “special needs”

You’ve got a bun in the oven. You’re a few hundred pounds overweight. You’re on the other side of 70 or you snapped your spine in a horse riding accident last year.

You, my friend, have special fitness needs, and I’m sorry to say that many trainers out there are not qualified to deal with you.

Seek out someone who knows what they’re talking about.

If you already know what you’re doing

Ssh, don’t say it too loudly, but the fact is, many personal trainers out there started out the same way as you: with a strong interest in fitness that they developed over time. There’s a lot of good info out there these days, and if you’re merrily going along, seeing gains and staying healthy, give yourself a little credit.

Trainers have been wrong before.

Look, if you’re a newbie and need the confidence and encouragement, any old trainer is fine, but you’re allowed to not listen to them if you don’t want to, they’re not the boss of you.

What to do now?

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