Expectations are Disappointments Waiting to Happen

by Skye
Expectations are Disappointments Waiting to Happen

So, you failed. Crap.

You totally saw yourself weighing 10 pounds less by now  and you really expected the offers to compete in regional lifting championships to be pouring in already. Supplement endorsements at the very least.

And dammit, where are all those honeys beating down the door to get at you now that you’re all fit and strong?

So, you look at your results, say you “failed” and sulk a little. But did you really fail? In my experience, what many people call failure isn’t failure at all – it’s just evidence that you had unrealistic expectations.

For the most part, the universe just quietly ticks away completely unconcerned with whatever you think should happen. If you convince yourself that it ought to be one way, then throw all your hopes and expectations into that “goal” it’s not that the plan failed to materialize so much as it never had a real chance to start with.

Are your goals unrealistic?

But isn’t the point to be a little ambitious? To dream big? Yeah, kind of. But if your dream doesn’t line up well with what’s realistically possible, you’ve just signed yourself up for a world of hurt before you even got going.

The only way to know if your goals are realistic is to pay attention.

Do you keep “failing”?

Maybe it’s just not wise to expect yourself to halve your body fat percentage in 2 months. Maybe if you look closely, your modest progress is exactly what success looks like. In other words, maybe you need to adjust your expectations rather than your behavior.

  • Goals are not the be-all and end-all. You’re not a quitter if you adjust them occasionally.
  • Look at the feedback you receive. If your goals are constantly unrealistic, reality will find a (sometimes nasty) way to bring it to your attention.
  • Let go of the big goal and focus instead on habits, daily choices and small actions you can do reliably and consistently.

Do you have unrealistic goals? Have you ever been very disappointed with your “failure”?

What to do now?

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