The Many Faces of Resistance

by Skye
The Many Faces of Resistance

One of the sneakiest tricks your unconscious mind plays on you is that what you wish was true is actually true. Without breaking a sweat, some people can blame everything in the world for their own unwillingness to change, shrug their shoulders and claim that it’s not an excuse they’re making, it’s just the way things are.

Nothing in the world is as difficult as confronting your own bullshit. Many people go through their entire lives never questioning the stories they tell themselves.

And they’re worse for it.

What is resistance?

The world is a complex place and the human brain likes stability and consistency. It’s committed to keeping the same ideas going, no matter what.

Those ideas make you unhappy? Doesn’t matter. Those ideas make you unhealthy? Doesn’t matter. Those ideas are just wrong? Your brain doesn’t care.

And resistance does everything it can to keep you believing that the status quo is all there is and all there ever can be.

What does resistance look like?

Triple A grade, high quality resistance is invisible. You can’t distinguish it from fact. Maybe you tell yourself the lie, “I’m over 40 so I don’t need to train as hard anymore” and it never goes challenged. You cement this idea for yourself until it becomes a reality for you.

Getting off your ass and working hard is something you don’t want to do, so you don’t, and you invent a million excuses after the fact to justify your choice.

Resistance can take limitless forms – and that’s its strength.

How do you overcome resistance?

By making it visible.

Challenge the assumptions you hold most dear – resistance loves to hide in your cherished and long-held beliefs. The first step to not letting yourself get away with lame excuses is to identify this pattern of behavior.

“I’m too busy”. Really? Are you?

Be honest with yourself. The only way you can cut dead weight out of your life is to acknowledge that it is, in fact, deadweight.

In time, you can use your resistance as a valuable source of information. A lot of the time, resistance appears precisely in those areas that need the most work.

The next time you tell yourself why you can’t train, or train harder, ask yourself, “Really? Is that true?”

What are your favorite excuses?

What to do now?

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