First Aid Skills for End Times

by Michael Saad
First Aid Skills for End Times

Ok, so in our first article, we looked at how important it is to secure your home and fill it with supplies to see you through a possible emergency, the most likely one being zombies and the least likely being natural disasters or things like home invasions.

But obviously, your foray with zombies will begin with some ancillary character getting his finger bitten by accident and slowly turning green as the afternoon wears on.

Now, I know it’s scary. It’s probably worse for him, to be honest. But your first thing to do when one of your party is munched by a zombie is obvious – take him out back and shoot him. Everybody knows that.

Ok, but what if he wasn’t bitten by a zombie? Maybe he just scraped his knee up when running away from a zombie. In this case, don’t shoot him. That bit’s important.

Instead, be a pal and help him out with his injuries. It may be some time before you can drive to an ER, or maybe the ER is already overrun with zombie doctors who most certainly won’t be honoring their Hippocratic oath.

You need to take care of it yourself.

Braver folks can set bones and stitch up a nasty gash with nothing but some vodka and a bullet to bite down on. But why go through all of that?

A handy first aid kit will see you through most incidents.

Serious First Aid Kits

This is a Zombie Apocalypse we’re talking about here, those dainty pre-made kits from drugstores won’t cut it. Go for a size bigger than you think you’ll need.

You can get some good ones online, but you’ll probably want to top those up with your own goodies. I don’t know what area you live in, but maybe you need some silver bullets in there too. Or werewolf repellant, I don’t know.

Think it through.

You’ll need a good antibiotic cream, Band Aids in a few varieties, painkillers, some electrolyte mixture, and medications for diarrhea and vomiting.

Include a small set of tweezers to remove splinters should a zombie break a plank over your head, gauze and bandages in all sizes, an eyedropper and some charcoal tablets for if someone eats poison. Gloves, scissors, safety pins, sticky tape, eyewash and a few antihistamines are also a good bet. While you’re at it, keep an emergency stock of your necessary medications and vitamins.

All done? Now make an identical one for your car and workplace!

Learn Some Moves

Knowledge is power, and you’ll feel pretty powerful if you’re the only one in your group who knows how to do mouth to mouth and save someone’s life. Find out about a first aid course in your area and learn handy skills for first response

Take note, medical folks generally discredit zombie attacks as a legitimate threat, so just tell them you’re trying to be prepared for household accidents.

They usually buy that.

Zombie Checklist

There’s no point resisting contamination if you only end up getting sick inside your own house.

  1. Put together a killer first aid kit
  2. Take a course so you know exactly what to do with that first aid kit
  3. One more thing – do you have emergency contact information for 24-hour hospitals in your area?

– 4-Part Zombie Survival Series –

What to do now?

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