Killing Your Inner Slacker, One Excuse at a Time

by Michael Saad
Excuses to Stop Being Lazy

The worst thing about excuses is how they can trick you into thinking that they are absolutely, undeniably “the truth”. A really good excuse is one that doesn’t even look like one. You talk yourself into believing, for instance, that you have incurred an “injury” and that really you’re just being very smart and responsible by staying out of gym for two and a half weeks. And you might believe it too.

But it’s still an excuse.

Don’t take your own word for it. Here’s a few thoughts to run by yourself when you suddenly start feeling lazy about following through on your gym commitments.

  1. Feel like something is stopping you from going to gym that day? Cool. But it’s not all or nothing. Could you go to gym for a shorter time, or even just do a few laps around the field if you’re in a rush? Instead of throwing all your goals out the window just because something came up, see if you can meet your commitments half way.
  2. Is your excuse “but I’m tired”? Excellent. This is easily the shittiest excuse and I give you permission to ignore it every time it surfaces. Take it slow if you’re legitimately recovering or exhausted, but otherwise, good news: exercise gives you energy. Next Lazy Problem.
  3. Yeah, yeah, your kids blah blah and you have to work late and on Thursdays it’s always tricky because of this other thing blah blah and it’s already dark and there’s traffic at this time of day and you’re expecting a package and whatever else. Tough. Don’t be one of those people who unconsciously sabotages themselves by scheduling exercise precisely when they know they’re least likely to get around to it. If your lifestyle is constantly getting in the way of your fitness goals, it’s time to change your lifestyle, not slack on the fitness goals.

Maybe the best way to squash your inner lazy-bones is to be non-negotiable with your exercise routine. Put it into your diary as though it were an important work meeting or a hot date. You wouldn’t flake out on these appointments, so don’t flake out on yourself either.

What to do now?

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