Peer Pressure vs. Your Intuition

by Michael Saad
Peer Pressure vs. Your Intuition

You’re hanging out with your gym buddies at a cafe when you order a pastrami sandwich and get a death stare: “There’s like, 40 grams of carbs in that bread.”

You’re a grown-ass-man but you feel like you’re in High School again, suffering from peer pressure. The cool kids think you’re lame. Everybody eats Paleo these days and bread seriously causes inflammation and dude let me quickly just send you a link to this article I read, you’ll love it…

We’re all social creatures and no matter what anyone says, we all have rules for our various “tribes.” Most gyms or fitness groups have their own special code and just like churches or political parties, there are taboos.

For the most part, a cohesive community is great for helping you reach your fitness goals, but sometimes, just sometimes, it goes against your inborn intuition.

You’re the ultimate authority

Maybe you love wheat and it loves you. Maybe you enjoy yoga but never, ever want to be upside down on your head, and your chakras are just fine. Maybe you don’t care how smart those toe shoes are, your feet don’t like them and that’s the end of it.

Part of taking charge of your own fitness means training yourself to be more responsible, more in tune with this amazing thing called your body. And if what works for you happens to be unfashionable at the moment… then so be it.

Honestly, when I’m training, I like for my coach to be an asshole and push me just that little bit past my comfort zone, or should I say, my excuse zone.

But it’s up to you to decide where those limits are. I believe most people can benefit from pushing themselves a little harder than usual, but what that looks like for one person can be very, very different from what it looks like for another.

Take a look at your goals and ask yourself honestly, are they for you, or are they there just because all the cool kids are doing it?

What to do now?

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