Your Pre-Workout Workout

by Michael Saad
Your Pre-Workout Workout

Everyone has their own little pre-workout rituals.

Maybe you take supplements, psych yourself up or try to clear your head of the day’s worries before you throw yourself into it. Maybe you listen to music or go over your workout plan for the day. 

If you don’t have a ritual of your own, consider some of these to get you in the right mindset before – and after – your session.

  • Visualize: Take a few moments to picture what you intend for your workout. Imagine yourself rising to any challenge and giving it your all. This focuses your motivation for the day.
  • Energize yourself: listen to upbeat music, watch a motivational video or do whatever you do to get you pumped up and ready to take on anything. Use the same music before and during a session and you’ll train yourself to associate it with exercise.
  • Document everything: In a journal or on a fitness app, record your goals and your gains. This gives you a sense of structure to each and every workout – the perfect thing to look back on when you’re having a difficult day.
  • Meditate: This can be as simple as sitting for two minutes to slow down and focus on your breathing. So many injuries are caused by stressed and tense muscles that aren’t prepared before a workout session.
  • Take the time to have a good snack appropriate for your workout, or take your supplements.

These rituals may seem like a distraction from the main thing – the exercise – but they’re crucial. When you cement something into your life with rituals, you make it a part of your life.

Training then isn’t something you just add onto life, but is something that’s completely a part of it. Try tying your workout into your daily routines and see how it affects your motivation.

What are your pre-gym rituals?

What to do now?

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