Why You Should Quit Reading Fitness Magazines

Despite the claimed benefits, fitness magazines aren't as great as they seem

by Skye
Why You Should Quit Reading Fitness Magazines

Most people buy a magazine for the content and then begrudgingly put up with the advertisements in them. From the editor’s point of view, though, the content is just something they put up with so they can focus on the main point of the magazine: the advertisements.

Most fitness magazines are not much different from regular old fashion magazines. Step 1) make you feel inadequate in some way, and Step 2) conveniently offer a solution… usually one you have to buy.

Cynical, yes, but if it’s true motivation you want, fitness magazines are all kinds of wrong. Consume enough photoshopped images of hot model abs and ripped 20-year-olds and you begin to believe that there’s only one, very specific way to be “fit.”

Not to mention the fact that if you’re after research-backed, sane and balanced content not written merely to entertain, the fashion fitness mags are usually a fat disappointment.

Fitness magazines will tell you the same old, outdated schlock you’ll get for free from your auntie at Christmas. You know what I mean: Drink green tea to boost your metabolism, trim the fat off your chicken and always, always eat breakfast or, I don’t know, you’ll die or something.

Some superior alternatives to shitty fitness magazines

  • Join online fitness communities and chat with real, non-airbrushed people
  • Find a trainer you trust and who has genuine, accredited training relevant to your goals
  • Cut to the chase. If you have a question, don’t get the info second hand – go out and find the research papers yourself.

As a trainer, I love bodies and I love making those bodies as strong as they can be. Unfortunately, where there’s money to be made, you’ll find oceans of people more concerned with their profits than your health.

“45 Ways to Get Shredded This Summer … Without Getting Off the Couch!” sure is a great headline, but it won’t much help with your goals. Walk on by the magazine rack – it’s not even worth a second look.

What to do now?

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