Train – Whether You Like it or Not

by Michael Saad
Train - Whether You Like it or Not

“But I don’t wanna!” is a perfectly legit excuse… if you’re a kid.

One of the greatest injustices perpetrated by modern big box gyms is the insistence that exercise be fun. Easy and enjoyable.

In fact, the TVs on the treadmills, the blaring music and the group instructors who order you to smile while you feel the burn only confirms that the only reason someone might choose to do something is because it’s entertaining and fun.

Think about that for a second.

What this really means is that your main motivation for doing the work is because it pleases you in that exact moment. But what happens when it’s not so pleasing anymore?

Well, out come the excuses:

  • “I’m getting bored”
  • “I’m too tired”
  • “This just isn’t for me”

I know I’ve written in the past how about important it is to understand your motivation and to work with it. But what if the next time you didn’t feel like training, you just said to yourself, “So what?”

So what if you don’t want to? So what if you’re lazy, not in the mood or grumpy? It can be pretty freeing when you choose to not take your own bullshit. When you say, “This is what I’m dedicated to doing, and what emotions I feel have nothing to do with it.”

If you rely on your emotions to motivate you, prepare to be inconsistent and undisciplined. You don’t always want to go to your job, and you don’t always feel like doing the work in your marriage; you don’t always feel like studying and you don’t always feel like going to your kid’s boring violin recital. But you do all of those things, because you’re committed to doing them.

The next time you feel a “But I don’t wanna” excuse coming on, stare it straight in the face and say, “So what?”

Push through. There will be days when training is exciting, fun and challenging. And there will be days where you’d rather eat barbed wire than train. That’s OK.

But train anyway!

What to do now?

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