A Little Vanity is a Wonderful Thing

by Skye
A Little Vanity is a Wonderful Thing

I grew up with a lot of girls who became vegetarians or went on diets and detoxes but would be quick to tell you they weren’t doing it “to lose weight or anything, just to be healthier.”

The idea seemed to be that if they got thin and sexy it would just be a happy side effect but they would never be so shallow as to diet for this reason alone. But I suspect that the stronger they protested this fact, the more they wanted precisely that.

To look good naked is high on most people’s lists for getting fitter and leaner. But modesty seems to forbid admitting it. Instead, we speak about improving blood work, getting stronger and all the rest.

There’s nothing at all wrong with a little vanity, and in fact, being a tiny bit vain about your appearance can be a great motivation for reaching those goals.

You see those guys in the gym, sweating it out and throwing their weights down with a grunt?

You can bet that a big reason they do it is so they have something to take pics of in the bathroom mirror for their OKCupid profiles.

And that’s cool, too.

The thing about gaining physical mastery over your body and learning the discipline to reach your goals is that it’s all about competence. And competence applies to every area of life, including the area where you’re single and looking for someone to call your very own.

So, don’t be shy. We all want to be sexy.

We all want fit, toned bodies and appreciative glances. And if that’s what gets you out of bed in the morning and straight to gym, it’s a good thing.

What to do now?

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