One of the Unexpected Side Effects to Weight Training

by Michael Saad
One of the Unexpected Side Effects to Weight Training

You’re warm and sweaty. Your heart is pounding, you’re breathing is deep. You’re completely focused on what your body is capable of in the moment, pushing it further and further, seeing just how far you can go, relishing each delicious sensation of adrenaline coursing through your veins, cheeks flushed…

Damn, is it getting hot in here?

I’ll come right out and say it: Weight training is good for your sex life. It’s one of the best-unexpected side effects of working out. I won’t downplay the overall health benefits of training – better sleep, a stronger immune system, less stress, boosted confidence – but there is one benefit that isn’t often mentioned in polite company.

I’m talking about enhanced physical mastery and complete domination in your sport of choice… between the sheets.

  • Weight training teaches you better body awareness, making you slow down and take note of your form in, uh, varied arenas
  • You weight train, you lose flab and tone up, you feel confident, you take your body out for a spin, it’s a win-win for everyone
  • Weight training often goes hand in hand with better health habits in general. And healthy, well-rested, well-nourished, hormonally balanced, active human beings are more likely to be in the mood than their overtired, self-conscious and bloated peers
  • Weight training flexes your goal-setting muscles, encourages you to take responsibility for your body and teaches you patience and discipline – everything you need to be the bomb in the sack, right?
  • Training your body for strength is an act of self-respect – and that’s pretty damn sexy.

I know it’s not that uncommon to set out on fitness goals for the primary reason of looking better in a swimsuit, but improved fitness has benefits that go far beyond this.

Makes sense when you think about it, but commit to improved physical prowess and you may find yourself reaping a few interesting side effects… like looking better naked.

Has lifting, martial arts or training, in general, had any effect on your love life?

What to do now?

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